The Night I Gained an Angel

11247085_974090325948146_9187954855605314445_n      It’s Sunday, March 22nd, 2015. I am leaving the gym around 9 p.m. and receive a call from my mother. “Go by your fathers,” she says, knowing that I am the only one other than my father who has a key to his apartment. I immediately tell her no, that I am not going to go spy on my father for her, “let him live his life,” I tell her. My parents have been divorced for years and living separately, but they still had much contact and care for each-other, having such history as well as three children together.

She then tells me that my father has not answered his phone all day and that two of his friends have stopped by the house where me, my brother, sister and mother live to see if anyone had heard from him. My father is constantly buying and selling cars, so he is constantly making and taking phone calls; the last time that he didn’t answer his phone for us, he was in jail. The friends say that the lights are on in his apartment, his car is in his parking spot and they can hear his cell phone ringing inside. When my mom notifies me of these things, I already know something tragic had happened. I whip a u-turn and tell her I’m heading right to his place. “Pick me up,” she says, but I know this is something that I need to do alone, so I continue alone; but she tells me that one of my dad’s friends along with my dad’s brother, uncle Tommy will meet me there.

While I’m pulling into my dad’s complex, I call my boyfriend and tell him “I’m headed to my fathers, he is probably dead.” I got the strangest feeling. I hang up the phone and walk up to the door, holding my key, I contemplate waiting for my uncle and the friend or heading in alone. Before I could make my decision, they pull up full speed. I remember the friend saying “let me have the key, you don’t need to see this.” That angered me.. “this is MY father,” I thought. I open the door. I see the TV on with the Direct TV logo floating around, as if the TV had been left on for some time. There is sushi on the coffee table, barely eaten. I walk into my father’s room to find him so peacefully laying on top of his still made bed. He looks as if he is having the best dream ever, but I know this is one that he will not wake up from.

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